Customer Reviews

“There is a good selection of toys; I like the wooden book and stacking clown, just perfect for 12 month old twins.” - Happy customer from Limehouse, London.

“Good stock levels, they are eco friendly and presented nicely” - Anonymous.

“The baby carrot rattle was just perfect for my 12 week old baby.” - Washable too! New Mum, from Leicestershire.

“Aaran enjoys playing with his Melissa and Doug transporter. He lines his cars up in a straight line ready to be transported and says the colour of each car” - Arran Aged 2.

“Nice toys, good quality of the height chart, made by Hand, lovely fabrics" - USA, Visitor.

“We bought our grandson a small blue Ecoboo car, it’s a nice size for him and the quality stands out. He loved the colour” - Grandparents of a 26month old.

“I like the different types of toys, in particular the monkey drummer musical, its so easy for my baby to grip, this is far her favourite musical toy” - Mum of a 12 month baby

“I was given the One Moose and Twenty Mice Barefoot Book for Morgan’s birthday, he loves counting the numbers in the book. - It came gift wrapped, looked very good” - Mum and Morgan, Hounslow.

“These are great quality toys, my son had the elephant jigsaw from India when he was 3 years old, and a good few years my daughter played with this. They are hard wearing and long lasting toys” - Rhythm Time Instructor.

“Its good to see you do wooden toys, as a family we love them, the majority of my twins toys are wooden, worth paying a little more for them.” - Mum West Midlands


“You offer an outstanding service and I will definitely recommend my friends and family to visit you, thank you for my Glutting Giraffe” - Mum of two. Stratford Upon Avon.

“Eye catching toys, My 10month old baby loves turning the pages of the wooden book.”- Parents of a 10month old baby.

“The display of the toys on the stall look so appealing, quality stands out, the Le Van Mixer set, you just can’t help fall in love with it” - Mrs Marston, Leamington

"Thank you, you spoiling me, for such a small item." - Brio Fan!

”I like buying locally; it’s a good friendly service." - Mr D. from Worcestershire.

“They are great toys; just by looking at them you know they are good quality. My daughter insists that I always buy something educational for my granddaughter. The Hape Baby wooden book ticks all the boxes” - Grandmother, Kenilworth

“A big thanks once again, you are spoiling me”. - A. Dowdeswell

“Beautiful toys and strong we brought the Melissa and Doug transporter and building truck. The boys were so excited” - Steve and Emma from Nuneaton

“Thank you, we had a good shopping experience, you took your time and spent time getting to know your customers, plus you took the effort to take the toy out of the box so I could take a better look.” I just couldn’t say no to the Noah Ark toy set”. - Mrs A Price. Walsall.

“Personal service and delivery, I would come and shop with you again”. - Anonymous

“When I saw the toys at the stall I knew exactly what I was going to buy my niece and nephew - The Ramp racer and Push and Pull along Dog. I am so proud of my purchase and a good shopping experience too”. - Mr and Mrs Hodge, Tile Hill, Coventry

“I placed an order via facebook and I received a message straight away and delivered before it was expected.” - Mrs. Medds, Hartshill

"One Moose and Twenty Mice, we bought this as a selection of small presents for my sons 2nd birthday from MLS.  He loved this book the minute I started reading it and it soon became one of his two books we read at bedtime.  He loved looking for the cat and unknowingly to him and us has quickly learnt to count to 20 and can recognise the numbers! " Mrs M from London.

"Lovely webshop and quick service"  L. Johnson, Lincoln.


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