Abacas Day Nursery

My Little Selection visited our nursery during our team meeting. We would like to endorse some of the following ranges from their ranges.


Comforters and rattles are perfect for babies offering a comfort/teething object. The babies can also enjoy exploring the materials with their hands and mouth. They are a great size for little hands and the vibrant colours really grab the attention of a baby. The knitted fruit and vegetable rattles are great fun. The picture books links with Literacy very well. 8 - 26months are very interested in books and handling them. They are beautifully brightly coloured with sturdy wooden pages to support a child’s fine motor skills.


Our toddlers love to dress up.  The fun animal hats and tails are perfect for dressing up for fun around the nursery or home. They are of high quality that even older children would love. The different styles of Hat and Tail would set up a Jungle theme and support children with learning to dress for themselves.  (Personal, social and emotional development).  Great fun for children 22-36 months.


My World Jigsaws and Orchard puzzles teach a child about Understanding The world, their health and bodies awareness.  There is so much learning that takes place with this range in terms of shapes, space, measures, communication and language.  This supports the Early years theme in understanding our bodies, growing up, families and feelings.

The books are great, Happy if you know it! , Animal Boogie etc. At preschool age we can use these books to get the children to act the story/animals out, very colourful, and an all rounder for Literacy development.  Again discussions around feelings, self confidence and self awareness. The children would learn about themselves, with the if your Happy and you know it book.

The wooden food supports role play and imagination along with social skills.  We think they can be adapted for children of 2 years old, however under adult supervision, due to small parts. Very hard wearing toys, colourful and they look so real!!!

Alexandra Nursery and Children’s Centre

The selection of toys could be used for developing mathematical skills linked to ERFs shapes, space and measure as well as counting, sorting and ordering skills for the numbers section. The toys are bright and attractive and would attract children's interest.  We like the role play toys as they would be useful for a focused small group activity for talking about food, holidays, communities as part of understanding the world development in EYFS.  The little cakes are lovely and would help to develop shop and domestic play. Vocabulary can be developed and PSED around sharing and healthy eating.

The musical ranges of toys provide a wide range of learning – making sounds for expressive arts. Toys such as the Brio rattlestacking trainsorting boxstacking clown and racing cars are suitable for children under three to develop fine motor skills and movement along with cause and effect . Babies will love the little bells and can develop listening and rhythm.

Brandwood Community School and Nursery

As an Early Years Teacher and Leader at Brand Wood School we really like wooden ethical toys, as they provide a natural setting within our nursery/school environment. We feel that these types of toys provide a calming influence on our children and also teach a child to take care of the wooden toys we have (which falls under Personal, Social and Emotional Development).  Pure wooden toys always look more appealing than having plastic in our settings.

Having looked at some samples with My Little Selection, the toys are safe, reasonably priced, provide good learning resources and show good quality designs.  We like the musical instruments such as the Ting A ling Tiger and Snap Crocodile, as these show faces of animals, compared to other musical toys that you can purchase.  These musical items are “cute” looking for young children

One of the objectives of Physical Development is around Stacking and Building.  The Plan Toys ranges are nice blocks to have at home/nursery as they provide open ended play and learning.  These types of stacking and building blocks have no set way and a child could create anything through trial and error.  This would support Arts and Expressive Design.  We find that the children can learn to build a story or working in pairs to build an imaginative model.  Items such as Janod’s Fruit /ABC beading are great for table top activities and display; the Lacing Sheep looks very natural, and would be a great display as well as learning fine motor skills.

Lanka Kada puzzles can be used for literacy and teaching a child about initial phonic sounds. “can you find the t, or s?”  Some of the animal puzzles can be adapted for children in reception and Y1 classes, as there would be various activities you could introduce using these puzzles.  The ranges of the site look great and appealing to use to support Early Years learning.

Bulkington Children's Centre.

“Looking through My Little Selection ranges, they have good quality products that look very exciting.  The pictures online are nice and clear, and it is good to see they have a great selection of Fair Trade products giving back to the communities were these toys have been manufactured.  Supporting local communities shows great dedication.

Some words that we would use to describe My Little Selection’s ranges: “Durable, Attractive, Nice Feel, Light, Natural, Well Made, and Easy to Clean. No plastic! Which we like."

Musical toys are great for listening and attention.  The Ting a ling tiger is one we would use in our setting, with an adult led activity. E.g "Shake, Shake, Shake again and STOP!" We also like the Little Drummer, as it can support physical development with moving and handling, hand and eye coordination.

Role play toys are always popular in supporting a child in forming positive relationships; skills such as social development co-operation play and imaginative play are encouraged using these toys.  Lanka Kada puzzles are nice as a toy but also as an ornament, they don't fall apart easily and are nice and sturdy. The butterfly puzzle would look great in a child’s bedroom.

We are great fans of Books, the text is short and the rhyming words encourage attention. The Lacing beads and sheep activities feels nice and tactile, the ranges have safety mark located on their packaging which is also very important.  Plan toys are well made, most of the toys within their ranges would also support a child who may be experiencing speech and language difficulties and as an educator we would extend vocabulary using some of the toys.  At the centre we have a bigger version of the Ramp Racer.  We like it because it is good for 1 to 1 activity and teaching a child the cause and effect.  Other skills which would be developed are fine motor, communication and listening.

CampHill Early Years Children Centre

The Baby soft rattles encourage a baby to play because for them it’s all about hearing, seeing, touching and the sensory feeling they get.  These are bright and easy to clean even when a child has put this in their mouth.

My Little Selection’s Small world toys such as the Plan delivery vans, cars, & trucks support a child’s real life experiences.  Children show that they are exploring and creatively creating their own small world. (Understanding the World).  We would use these in our sessions.

We believe the Ball Counting from Wonderworld is great for a child of 2 years to develop their skills in mathematics and technology.  At this age group 16-26 months a child shows great interest in toys with buttons, flaps and simple mechanisms and begin to learn and use the toy themselves.  Again, the children love exploring with this.

The toys are bright and effective for any child, teaching them in all areas of the EYFS learning - from learning first words to teaching a child to learn to read.

Wooden books are a must, as they are very strong and are suited to babies. We would recommend these toys for fun, learning and safety.  My Little Selection toys are eye catching and would encourage any child to go and explore with them.

Chess Centre, Childminders Play and Stay.

As an adult I play with the Ramp racer and I love it, it’s great fun, and the 3 year olds love it too.

The puzzles/jigsaws ranges are different, easy to pick up and not on a board.  The role play toys look so real when you hold them in your hands and kids love them.  These toys are great quality and do not go soggy when a child has put them in their mouth.  They feel great and definitely portray excellent quality, along with being earth friendly to support a child’s learning.

Wow!!! the toys look great I would defiantly buy these to support the children I care for, and I can see how effective they can be when playing.

When you take these toys out of the boxes, the quality stands out, the design is excellent and as an adult you want to play with them.  I love the Fairy Tale Castle Blocks with Plan Toys.

The toys are all very hardwearing when I got the opportunity to sample these products in our play and stay sessions.  They are easy to grip for young babies, they come in nice packaging, and when taken out of the box, colourful, bright, durable and are at a very high quality.  I would recommend that the toys are used to help a child with his/her journey.

HollyBerries Nursery

We like the Lanka Kade range.  They are excellent for reception children age to teach literacy and support their fine motor skills.  We have the Everearth Ramp Racer which we find very popular with our children, again this supports fine motor skills, teaches the children about motion and the science of the toy.

Also under Personal, Social and Emotional development the children become aware of their own feelings, begins to accept the needs of other children and can take turns and share.  Depending on the level of books, they are great for communication and language development.  Barefoot books are great showing bright colours and engaging the child to be involved in their own creative thinking.  Baby books are good for making noise and they clatter.  6-12 month babies love the sensory feeling of these wooden books and have an excellent safety element to them.

The role play toys, like the cakes, vegetables and pizza making are best for children of preschool age, due to the small parts in the toys and also for them to use their own experiences of learning at home.

Little Patricks

We have listed some of our favourites from My Little Selection.

We and the children love the Click Clack track (Everearth Ramp Racer), this is very much suited to age 18 months to 5 years. We saw the children develop hand eye coordination, fine motor skills (Physical Development). Predication and anticipation of when the car would reach to the bottom of the track, (Understanding of the World), great communication and language used amongst the children, just as equally it was real good fun!

The Lacing Sheep is great for a 3-5year old, it teaches a child Mathematics with the colour matching and problem solving required. Again, Physical development kicks into play, fine motor skills and hand and eye co ordination.

The My World Puzzles are more for children 4 plus, Here the areas of learning all link into the EYFS, which is Physical development, understanding of the world, Communication and Language, Literacy and Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

Stacking Clowns/Rings are useful for 1 year plus, again to extend EY learning teacher the child about shapes and colours.

The Role play toys such as the Monkey Hat and Tail, Cash Register & Little Cakes supports the children, they showed that they were engaging in role play through their own first hand experiences. They were all very eager to try on the Monkey Hat and Tail. Wooden animal books and Animal Puzzles are thumbs up for Literacy, Communication and Language and Problem Solving Skills.(Mathemetahics)

The quality of Pebble rattles , are good for young babies to support their sound and listening skills, along with the sensory feeling of the different types of vegetables (carrots, beetroot, broccoli) – Easy to clean.!

Hape Clock is an excellent toy for Mathematics, numbers and time, at age 16-28months a child attempts, sometimes successfully, to fit shapes onto pieces, this can also be used at a age 16-26months to teach a child how to count words randomly.

As a nursery we like anything with Alphabets has they are great for Literacy especially when teaching or introducing sounds and letters. For a child 40-60months you can use Alphabet toys to check the hearing and saying initial sounds in words, can support Communication and Language in order link sounds to letters, naming and sounding the letters of the alphabet. (Writing skills)

Market Bosworth Day Nursery

Looking at the My Little Selection the products they have are all handy to have to support the Early Years Children. The toys are nice, natural, and of excellent quality with bright colours. Working with toddlers on a daily basis they tend to love the animal jigsaw puzzles, like the butterfly, dog, dinosaur. As they can use their imagative skills and adapt to the characters of the puzzles. The Ecoboo puzzles would be great to use with an adult as learning and play can be extended and structured for the child. Well manufactured and safe for children.

Nutty Bear Nursery

The Jigsaws are a good range for a child 18- 50 months & fall under the Physical development. A child between this age will show control and show connections between their movements and arks they make. The puzzles are also great for problem solving skills and aids counting - A preschooler is more likely to complete the puzzles. My Body jigsaw and My School Day can be used for older children to engage their understanding of the world. However, you can still adapt these ranges for younger children pointing out key learning areas.

Barefoot books are great and easy to follow, children love finding animals on each page, Dragon on the Doorstep, and Animal Boogie are more suited to cater for 3-4 years olds. These books really support a child’s concentration and listening skills, they are full of fun and adventure.

The Le van role play toys are very good to support the Expressive Arts and Design. They can develop initiative skills and understanding the world around them. We use these to develop children’s understanding of where things come from for example, eggs, chicken and food products. All can be linked to ranges such as the Eggs and Dairy Box.

We like the cars/vans/trucks all a very nice size could use these items to develop mathematically vocuabalaly. For example positional language on top, behind in front. We would focus on giving directions, forward, backwards, sideward's. At 30-50 months a child can realise not only objects can be counted, but anything can be counting, including steps, claps and jumps.

Smarties Day Nursery, Nuneaton.

The Le Van Toys pre school range food would be used in our role-play/home corner as they show a variety of foods, some promoting healthy eating. This would link into Expressive arts and Design as they encourage the use of imagination, and also links to physical development due to the healthy eating."

Balancing Monkey, Building a Robot along with Jigsaw puzzles would be used as table top games or group time activities.  These encourage Physical development - the use of fine motor skills & hand-eye co-ordination. They also link to mathematics as they encourage counting and number recognition. Other areas of learning would be Personal, Social & Emotional development and Communication and Language as the toys are suitable for working in pairs

Looking through the Melissa and Doug range we feel these would be used again as a table top and group time games or activities.  They link to Mathematics, as they have a variety of shapes, and or numbers which promotes number recognition and counting.  There is strong link into literacy which encourages the recognition of letters and words. E.g. I have a CAT, using simple sentences “mummy’s gone to work”  Most of the product grouping allows the child involved with Personal, Social & Emotional development,   along with all these learning areas they fine tune their physical development”

Paradise Nursery

My Little Selection visited our nursery children to test their ranges with our children and staff. The children responded to the toys as “I like this!”, “having fun!”. The click clack ramp racer was popular with the children and also with parents who came to pick their children up from the nursery; they asked us:- “where can I get one of those from?”, Great for grown ups too. The children really enjoyed testing the toys and they also enjoyed the Books which are always winners especially with rhyming sounds, this allows them to listened well.

Our staff felt the quality of the products were at a high specification, and looked good. They also carried the safety mark, the manufacturers are using natural materials which is always a bonus in a nursery setting, as many children put things in their mouths, they are also easily cleaned.

Wise Owls

My Little Selection have some wonderful reading ranges which are very interesting as they really add value to a child listening and concentration and imagation skills. Barefoot and Wooden books promote extended learning activity, for a child to using the story to link to their own experiences, as well as recognise what sounds animals make and acting this out and identifying Literacy which is about words, sounds, and understanding. colours and understanding of the world. Creative Thinking.

The Ecoboo ranges are best to be use for 1 to 1 adult interaction, as this can support many areas of learning. When working with a child What does your name begin with? we could than extend this and say “ round the apple, down the leaf, M, Macy Mountain Mountain. Which is part of read, write and link. Great letter recongination as there is on the reserve side capital letters, as the children getting older, reception and year 1 ag group they can recognise the capital letters.

We like the Everearth toys as they promote Personal Social and Emotional learning, as it encourages sharing and waiting for their turn.  The Ramp racer is popular for any child as there is an element of science learning - working out how gravity pulls it down.  Comments made by a child “I like this because it goes all the way down”.

Looking through some of the ranges, we like the Lacing Sheep, which is suitable for toddler age, 2 ½ plus, it provides motor skills, which is part of Physical development learning. The puzzles 1-5 are great for mathematical development as its provides number recognition, they are brightly coloured and attractive, ideal for a child 18months plus.

The wooden books are very durable especially when using with babies and young children. These books would not get snoggy pages, they are colourful and as an Early Years Educator first words, simple animal names can be taught. Suitable for younger children, we would link this to Communication and Literacy.

Under Express Arts and Design, the Snap Clap Crodicile is well made, good fun and makes a good noise. Its very sturdy and great for children to enjoy making music.

At Wise Owl nursery the pre schooler had the opportunity to play and experiment with some of our ranges.

My World Jigsaws are great to make the most out of learning under adult supervision. A child aged 3 plus would be able to recognise certain elements to the body (My Body). When asked a child at pre school age , comments such as “ bone”,” my head” were made. Which than allows to extend language and understand the world. Learning with these jigsaw allow you as a parent/educator to explore with the child physical aspect of learning. For example, knowing all about your body and how babies can grow. E.g. the boy likes to drink water...etc

Fairy Tale Blocks allowed all the children to be fasnicated of how to build a castle for the princess. Extends language and vocabulary. “ lets make some stairs to climb, and we need a tower for the princess to hide!.

Comments made by the children were “ This is Awesome”, “ I like it” “ Where do these go? “ beautiful” As an educator of early years we love these style of toys as they are not breakable. In the past we have found within a nursery setting cardboard goes snoggy especially when children put in in water, plastic scrates easily, metal bends. Whereas wooden toys are hard wearing and varnish well. They look very appealing.