Please be reassured that all our toys meet the standards for manufacturing and materials set within the requirements of European Standard for Toy Safety Requirements. Where appropriate, carry the CE mark. All our wooden toys have non-toxic paints or stains, and are lead free, they have passed all required child safety tests.

Safety is the priority for any toys; our manufactures make sure the products are put through most stringent internal testing. Our suppliers and manufactures regularly visit all the production sites and have rigorous quality checks.

Often a toy is well designed and safe but causes problems when it gets into the wrong hands. A building brick that is safe, interesting and educational for an older child can be lethal if a toddler chokes on it. Likewise, a toddler who can only sit up won't cope with a trundle truck and will just keep falling off. Think about your children and what they can manage before you buy a toy. Keep toys intended for older children out of the reach of younger children.

Toys for under 36 months and Age Labeling

Where available age guidance and age suitability of toys is provided, in line with manufacturer recommendations. Be aware these are guide lines and where any doubt arises you are responsible for exercising your own judgment as to suitability of a product for the particular individual or group of individuals and circumstances.

Check age guidance instructions on the package. Age labelling is the manufacturer's guide to the consumer about the suitability of the product for a particular age group.

Some of our selections are for the children aged 36 month plus, they may contain small parts choking hazards not suitable for children less than 36 months due to danger of swallowing small parts.

If you have any questions or concerns please email us.